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Fitbit Force Officially Announced

Fitbit had a hard time keeping the Fitbit Force a secret, with a large leak showing the device in full press shots about a week ago. The company officially unveiled the Force priced at $129.95. The Force looks awfully similar to the Flex that was Fitbit’s first fitness tracker that stayed on your wrist all the time. The design of the band is the exact same, though the display has been upgraded along with a real button.

The Force sports a OLED screen, that can include exact amount of steps. The Force also includes an altimeter to track how many you’ve climbed, like the One. Fitbit claims the Force still will last 7 to 10 days, which is a long time considering the new features and the screen. The built in screen on the Force will double as a way to show caller ID, steps counted, and the time. The caller ID information will work when paired with an iPhone 4s or newer running iOS 7.

Other than the small changes the fitness tracker is the same great quality that Fitbit is known for. The device tracks steps, tracks your sleep, and syncs wirelessly with your phone via bluetooth 4.0. The device will go on sale in the next week or two through Fitbits own online store. What do you think about the Force? Tell us if you’ll stick with the Flex or upgrade to the Force.