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Adobe Announces Hackers Stole 2.9 Million Customer Names and Credit Card Numbers

Adobe announced that an unidentified hacker breached their network, giving them access to 2.9 million customers names, encrypted banking data, information on product orders, and security codes for its own services. The news was announced through Adobe’s official blog by chief security officer Brad Arkin.

The company reports the stolen credit and debit card data was encrypted , which means the hackers won’t be able to easily access the information. However if the hackers to manage to decrypt the data they have access to everyone’s data. Adobe has started the process of restarting everyone’s passwords on the site. User should also expect an email telling them reset their passwords that are used on other sites.

Adobe did not say when the hackers compromised their network, saying only that the attack was a “sophisticated attack” on the company’s network. They also mention that the attack that targeted the source code could be completely unrelated.  Never the less, Adobe has had a huge breach in security. One larger than Sony’s Playstation network, and could have repercussions in the coming months if the hackers ever decrypt the data.