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Nike FuelBand 2 Coming

Fitbit is not the only company working on an update to their fitness tracker, Nike appears to have something up their sleeves. A press invite for October 15th, 2013 says “NikeFuel Forum,” hinting that the Nike Fuelband will be the topic of discussion. The rumors around an update have been scarce, with little to no talk on the interwebs. 9to5Mac has reported the next band will sport 4.o bluetooth, longer battery life, without the heart rate monitor built-in.

While no one is entirely sure what Nike has planned, some believe the device will be more like the Up or Flex. Many hope that Nike will include a way to manage your diet, track your sleep, and be more flexible. However the display is expected to go unchanged so the design, style, and overall size should stay the same. While we know the lead designer of the Nike Fuelband has moved to Apple, we are curious if the device will get an Android app anytime soon. The device will only sync with iOS devices, which is greatly limiting the amount of Fuelbands sold.

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