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FreedomPop Offers Cell Service

FreedomPop offered freemium mobile hotspots, and low-cost hotspot devices. Today, FreedomPop is taking their fight to mobile carriers and the outrageous prices. ¬† The company is offering a free cell phone plan, along with other low-cost offerings. Not everything is free, with FreedomPop requiring you to buy a HTC EVO Design at $99 to use the ‘free’ mobile plan. The free plan will get 200 voice minutes, 500 texts, and 500MB of 4G data. Any data over the 500MB cost $0.01/MB or $10/GB. The Unlimited plan will have unlimited voice and text, but only 500Mb of data. The company is riding off of Sprint’s 3G, LTE, and¬†WiMAX network. Which means coverage will vary depending on your location and coverage by Sprint.

The phone offered now is ugly, slow, and outdated compared to the iPhone 5s or Galaxy S4. However, for $99 and a low-cost/free cell phone plan who can really complain? FreedomPop does plan to add more phones for users to use, maybe they’ll even let users bring their own devices in the near future. What do you think of FreedomPop’s mobile plans? Do you think you’ll be getting this plan over other prepaid carriers, or will you wait till they get more phones?