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New iOS 7 Bug Allows Bypass Through Lock Screen [VIDEO]

Apple released a new version of the popular OS, iOS, Wednesday, September 18th. With all new OS releases, there is always a bug that allows some type of restricted access bypass or messes with the OS performance/UI. A new bug has just been found allowing a user to bypass the lock screen using the new Control Center and a few other simple steps that open up the new Multi-Tasking feature, allowing anyone to access any recently opened apps or close other apps, without ever typing in a pass code.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a way to bypass the lock screen and access apps. But as always, Apple is trying to fix it. So what do you think? Will this affect millions of people with the new version of iOS? Or will only the worlds smartest geeks ever know of this bug. Let us know below.

Update: Apple tells AllThingsD that it’s aware of the bug, and that it’s working on a fix.