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Google Wallet for iOS Now Out

I called that Google would bring Google Wallet to iOS when they removed the requirement to have NFC to have the app installed. And just a day after pushing out a large update to the Android version. We have an iOS version with almost all the same functions and features as the Android app, minus tap to pay which utilizes NFC.

The app allows you to transfer money between friends, use and store loyalty cards, and use the nearby deals feature. As for security it’s very similar to Androids: You’re able to lock the app with a pin, and if you should lose your device you can remotely disable to app.  Anyone with a valid U.S. email address can send and receive money, and once you do send money your able to use the Gmail transfer money.

The app is up for download to anyone running iOS 6 and higher. The app is similarly designed to the Android version, and does not have a special iOS 7 design that many apps like Twitter and Facebook have pushed out recently. The app is useful if you send and receive money from friends or family often. The nearby deals feature comes in really hand  to find local deals from restaurants to museums. Are you glad that Google now offers Wallet for iOS or is it not going to affect you.