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Google Makes QuickOffice Free for Android and iOS

In a move that benefits everyone Google has made QuickOffice suite free for any iOS or Android device. Apple’s offering iWork free so Google needed to make a counteroffer to keep users hooked into Google Drive all the time. Google also giving away space similar to when you buy a Google Chromebook. If you sign in with a Google account by┬áSeptember 26, 2013, you get 10 gigs of extra storage space for two years.

QuickOffice is a suite of apps that enables you to edit and create Microsoft Office documents, powerpoints, excel sheets. All from the comfort on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device. This is Google’s continued war on Microsoft Office, and trying to get more businesses to Google Docs over Microsoft offerings. Many don’t every use Apple’s iWork because they each cost $15 apiece, and were not advertised as much as Google Docs or Microsoft Office. ┬áDo you think you’ll be using Quick office or iWork, or maybe Microsoft’s office 360 suite?