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iOS Will be 64 Bit Along with the A7 Chip

Today Apple’s Announcing their new iPhones, and gearing up to release iOS 7 to the public. In addition, Apple’s revealed that iOS will be 64-bit operating system. The first mobile operating system to make this change. The A7 Chip will also be 64-bit compatible. Apple said they re-tooled all their native apps to run faster on the 64-bit operating system, but don’t fret third-party apps running 32 bit will still work on the 64-bit operating system. Though developers wanting to make the transition Apple said the move would be ‘seamless’ although details on how smooth the transition will be are light.

The new Chip and 64-bit iOS we’ll see ¬†an 40% increase from the original iPhone. The new phone’s will be 5 time faster than the 5, and the graphics will be much smoother and higher quality. It’s almost like Apple is forcing users who want to use iOS to upgrade to a 5S or a 5C or their phone will lag out or have issues. However, the developer version of iOS did have issues there were no speed problems reported. At Least I never herd anyone with complaints about the phone lagging constantly.