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Xbox Music App Now Available for Android and iOS

Xbox Music been around a for a little while, but has been limited to Windows phone and Xbox. There’s been a web version for a month or two but you had to subscribe to access and use the web version. However Microsoft wants to compete with Google, Spotify, and Rdio in the streaming music races. There’s now an Android and iOS to access, play, and view music from your devices. The price is similar to Spotify and other streaming services at $10 a ┬ámonth or for a real deal $100 a year.

The app’s lacking some key features like ability to save songs for offline play, although Microsoft did say offline playback would be coming in the near future. The Xbox app allows you to play music as you play games, move from apps to apps, and control the music from the quick dash view. Windows 8 users also benefit from these updates, and hopefully they’ll get some updates to the music player on the OS. Xbox Music does not have as much as Spotify or other services on the market, but they have enough for you to not notice a difference.

Tell us what you think about Microsoft offering apps for different platforms.