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Google Drops the Price of the Nexus 4 by $100

The Nexus 4 was the cheapest pure Android phone off-contract around, yet that price is about to get a lot lower! Google is dropping the price of their flagship Nexus phone by $100. The 8GB to $199 from $299, and the 16GB model to $249 from $349. This is approaching the time a year ago that the Nexus 4 was revealed, but there are few rumors of a new Nexus 4 coming. We don’t think that Google will use the Moto X as their flagship phone, so we could see a phone being announced very soon.

The low price is becoming an impulse buy for anyone who wants an off-contract phone. Google is advertising the %25 discount through their official Twitter account. The discount applies not only to users in the US, but Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, Korea and the UK. If you’re like me, $200 for a phone is cheap, compared to others that cost $500 – $600 a piece for factory unlocked. Tell us in the comments section below if you’ll be buying one of these Nexus 4 phones while they are on sale, or if you’ll pass up the deal until the next Nexus 4 generation comes out?