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Have a Friend invite you to Google Glass

Do you have a friend that has had the honor of getting invited to the Google Glass Explorer program, than you may want to be extra nice to them. Some Glass users have been getting emails saying that they can invite one friend to the program. Now if you want to invite someone to the program they have to be at least least 18 years old, lives in the United States, and is able to pick up their own personal Google Glass in either San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York. The $1,500 price tag is still with the device.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens with this new invite program, but I can only foresee people posting their invite onto e-Bay and selling it to the highest bidder. However we can see Google banning this, and finding ways to have users only invite their close friends, family, or co-workers. If you want an invite you’ll have to wait and find someone with Google Glass. Now the question for Glass-holes is not can I try your Glass on but can you invite me to the explorer program?