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Track your car’s tire pressure with Zus Smart Tire Safety Monitor

Modern cars often have tire pressure monitor systems (TPMS), but they’re expensive and don’t alert you until the tire pressure is low. Zus Smart Tire Safety Monitor offers real-time monitoring of your tire pressure. The Indiegogo campaign already raised $161,00, blowing past their $20,000 goal. The super early bird pack gets you the Zus monitor for only $97, saving you $23 of the $119 retail price.

Being able to monitor your tire pressure in real-time offers a few benefits including being able to detect slow leaks. Traditional tire pressure systems miss slow leaks because the daily temperature changes make the air pressure changes undiscernible. The companion app can track the tire pressure throughout the day which helps the app detect those slow leaks.

There are also safety incentives to monitoring your tire pressure so closely. According to the campaign 1 in 4 car accidents are caused by underinflated tires, which is an alarming amount at the surface. On top of that, you’re more 3x more likely to have a car accident when your tires are 25% underinflated.

Zus helps you save money and stay safe

Beyond the critical safety part of the Zus, there is a money saving piece. Having the proper pressure in your tires will increase your gas mileage, saving you hundreds of dollars a year. Zus claims you can save upwards of 11-cents a gallon with the proper tire pressure. That’s twice as much you’d save with the standard fuel rewards program!

The Zus is easily installed, only takes 10-minutes. The monitors go on the tires valves, with no sensors inside the tires or in the valve. There are locks for the caps, so no one will steal them, which often happens with the valve caps.

Overall, most cars do have a TPMS, but they’re the cheap indirect systems that don’t always accurately detect the low tire pressure. Zus monitors in real-time with advanced algorithms to detect slow leaks and helps you see if the weather is adversely affecting the pressure. Even if you don’t back the campaign now when they retail for $119 they’ll be much cheaper than other options on the market. Plus, the system offers an app that’s well designed and works as detailed.

Let me know in the comments below what you think! Are you going to buy the Zus Smart Tire Safety Monitor or stick with the default one already on your car?