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Amazon unveils its delivery drone

Two years ago Amazon unveiled plans for a theoretical drone delivery service, but it had dozens of hurdles to jump. Now in 2015 Amazon still doesn’t have a delivery service available, but it’s designed and built a drone to deliver packages.

The drone looks amazing, and looks like a mix between a plane and a helicopter. The drone can take off vertically and fly horizontal in the air. The drone can fly for 15 minutes at 55 mph, and find your location from a beacon outside your house or apartment building. Amazon says they’re working on other drone designs for different environments and terrains, and they hope in the not so distant future they’ll have a whole fleet of drones.

Amazon does note they don’t plan on launching Amazon Prime Air anytime soon. The main reason for this delay is because of government regulations on drones recently. There’s also a lot of questions that arise when you hear about Amazon using drones to ship packages to customers houses. The drones could crash into trees, drop packages onto people, or even hit other aircraft.

Prime Air is becoming a reality quickly, but still has a lot of hurdles to jump before they’re delivering packages with their drones. Tell us in the comments below what you think about Amazon’s new drone and their Prime Air service!

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