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DB Weekly Podcast #2

If you guys haven’t seen already, me and Leon have started working on a weekly podcast to use for the site. On these podcasts we planned to talk about tech, gaming, entertainment and just about everything in between.

Shortly after coming up with the idea we both got together and put the plan into action. We realized making a podcast was a lot harder than it sounded and it required a great deal of commitment. On our first episode we rambled about many things and got off topic quite often. It was more of an ongoing conversation. In a way, I enjoyed that. It was less talking about talking into a microphone and blank computer screen, and more of hanging out with my best friend and talking about common interests. I went on vacation right after this so we couldn’t do our second one “weekly” like we wanted but we didn’t waste any time as soon as I got back .

You may have noticed the audio was really off on the first episode. We were using one mic that was only picking up Leon’s voice the whole time which we didn’t realize until after we uploaded. It only took us both one trip to Best Buy to fix that. We bought a Blue Snowball to help pick us both up better.


So hopefully it will be easier to enjoy the next episode which we uploaded yesterday to Soundcloud. In yesterday’s episode, we discussed Meerkat’s latest update, T-Mobile’s new messenger, upgrading to Next-Gen consoles and much more so be sure to check it out down below!


Here at Digital Bounds we are always looking to improve. Our videos, articles, and podcasts are always getting better. We are always open to suggestions. We want to hear from you, the reader and listeners. Let us know what you think or what we could better. Catch everyone next week!