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T-Mobile and Dish are considering a merger

Mobile carrier T-Mobile and satellite provider Dish are supposedly in talks to merge.  While the talks are early and no value has been placed on the merger, but the two companies have agreed on John Legere serving as CEO while Dish’s Charlie Ergen would become chairman.

The talks are still in the “formative stage,” one source told the WSJ. Both companies have pursued similar mergers before, but all attempts were unsuccessful. The merger shouldn’t face as much regulatory pressure as other mergers because the two companies services don’t overlap.

Dish may be looking for more a more stable market as its satellite business declines. DirecTV was acquired by AT&T and the market for satellite TV isn’t as appealing as it was 5 or 6 years ago. The deal still could face a lot of regulator pressure as other companies are in the beginning and final stages of merging.

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