Beyerdynamic DT 240 PRO review: Compact and versatile headphones

If you’re someone that produces content such as podcasts, YouTube videos, or audio tracks of any kind, then you might realize the importance of producing sound to be as accurate as possible. The perfect use case for monitoring headphones, but they tend fit best in studios and are thus quite bulky. Also, what if you travel frequently and don’t want to carry two pairs of headphones around for casual listening? This is why I was excited to be able to review the DT 240 PRO from Beyerdynamic—a compact pair of headphones for professionals and consumers.

Design & portability

One of the selling points of the DT 240 PRO is their compact design. I actually made the initial mistake of thinking that these were on-ear headphones even though they’re over-ear. There are frequent problems with on-ear headphones such as lack of proper sound isolation, but they’re non-existent in this compromised design. However, the PROs being a lot smaller than over-ear headphones does mean that you can more easily bring them with you and create on the go. Regarding visual aesthetics, these headphones feature a subtle black design; Nothing special, but not a dull look either.

If you’re still not sold on how compact these things really are, see a comparison against my current pair of monitors: the Audio‑Technica ATH‑M50x. I replaced the ear pads with much bigger ones, but this is still a classic example of headphones that I use only at my office which prevents my editing setup from being portable.


The DT 240 PRO comes with a 1.25m coiled cable which extends to 3 meters. It is a 3.5mm connection, but you have the option of using the included 1/4″ adapter when needed. There isn’t a locking mechanism on the headphone end like the ATH-M50x, but this was never an issue for me as the cable seemed to stay in securely. Overall I like how portable the cable is as most coiled cables tend to get in the way due to the sheer size of the coiled part and the overall cable itself. I had zero issues with audio listening.


As mentioned previously, this is a compromised design. I found the PROs to be more comfortable than most on-ear headphones, and less comfortable than over-ear headphones. Regarding the portability factor, I am completely fine with this. You additionally get an advantage in the weight department as well, because these won’t feel so heavy on your head. In terms of actual usage, I was able to listen for about 2 hours before I started to feel discomfort, during which I would want to adjust the headphone positioning or take a break. For traveling, this should more than enough to get some work done or perhaps enjoy a movie.

Sound quality

Whether you’re a professional or consumer, you want to strive for great sound. Put simply; they sound just as self-described: a clean deep bass, a vivid midrange, and a defined treble. This makes the DT 240 PROs exceptional for casually listening to music of almost any genre from bass-heavy hip-hop to melodic EDM. The interesting aspect that I found with these cans is the increased bass; it’s closer to being subtle, but definitely noticeable when comparing to my more neutral ATH-M50x. Compromise is still the theme here, as you’re getting a versatile pair of headphones for both casual listening and monitoring audio.

Usage experience

I had a joy using the DT 240 PROs. Beyerdynamic did a spectacular job of producing an extremely versatile pair of headphones while making compromises in the correct places. While I still use my ATH-M50x in the office, I’ve gotten accustomed to using the PROs anywhere else that I went; the portability and convenience is something that is hard to give up once you get used to it. I can assure you though that these can replace or be used as your primary monitoring headphones. The best part of all is that they won’t break the bank, as you can buy them on Amazon for $99.


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