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BoxLock smart padlock protects your deliveries

Million of American’s are getting packages from online retailers delivered to their front door. The problem is those packages are being stolen directly from customers porches during the day. The theft of packages, lead to the success of home security cameras from Ring, Nest, and Arlo. Instead of merely trying to deter possible porch pirates, BoxLock will help you lock up all packages delivered to your home.

BoxLock is a connected padlock that attaches to a security box with any latch hook. The yellow color and unique shape help delivery drivers easily find the BoxLock and quickly scan the package into the box.  The padlock works with an app which you’ll need to connect all your delivery accounts from FedEx to DHL. The drivers then deliver the package, scan the box with the BoxLock. The lock then verifies it’s your package and that it was out for delivery with the respective delivery service.

BoxLock Home Padlock CES 2018

BoxLock keeps your packages locked away and safe

The BoxLock is a better alternative to Amazon Key, which lets strangers access your home to deliver a package inside. You could place the box with the padlock on your porch or somewhere that a mailperson could see when delivering packages. I’d rather use the BoxLock over in-home delivery services, saving my dog a lot of confusion and heartache.

You can preorder the BoxLock on Indiegogo starting at $99, which gets you the lock and a protected by sticker from the company. If you want you can spend $325, you can get the lock and a PorchBox to get going right away. Once preorders are over the lock will retail at full price for $129, which is still cheap compared to other systems to protect your packages.

Let me know what you think about the BoxLock in the comments below! Do you have a package theft problem?