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Mitte transforms any water into mineral water at CES 2018

Filtered water has become a mainstay in almost every household these days. While filtering water is a great way to make your water taste better and keep you safe from contaminants, but it also removes all the good and necessary minerals. Luckily, Mitte will transform your water into a healthy, enhanced mineral water. Mitte works in two processes; first, it purifies the water with a first of its kind distillation-based method. Then, Mitte adds in essential minerals, making your water not only pure but also healthy.

The water filter and mineral enhancer launched on Indiegogo in the fall of 2017. At CES, the company showcased their hardware at Eureka park with thousands of other startups. The device stood out not only for its design but also it’s uniqueness. While there are other systems on the market now that do a similar function, they’re all costly or require a plumber to install.

Mitte Mineral water CES 2018

Mitte is an affordable and connected water filter

At $299 the water purification and mineral enhancer, isn’t too expensive. Yes, it’s not an impulse buy, but it is something you’d consider for better tasting water. Brita water filters are trendy items, and they only purify your water. The Mitte filters cost $40 and can filter and enhance up to 40 liters of water. One filter should last you around three months, but you could go through it faster if you drink a ton of water.

The system is 60 times cleaner than a pitcher, three times cleaner than a reverse osmosis system, and extremely energy efficient.  Another plus of the system is the ability to pair the Mitte with a smartphone. With the app, you’re able to set the water temp, perfect for making a warm coffee or heating a baby bottle up.

Let me know what you think about the Mitte in the comments below! Would you buy one of the water systems or opt for something like the Brita?

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