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Westinghouse announced budget 4K Android TVs at CES

CES has and always will feature TVs. This year is no different. Westinghouse announced a series of budget-friendly 4K Android TVs during CES. The 43-inch 4K TV starts at $350, the 50-inch is $400,  the 55-inch is $450, and 65-inch is $700. While they’re relatively cheap, TCL offers a series of Roku enabled 4K TVs with HDR that are around the same price on Amazon.

The main draw for the Westinghouse panels is the use of Android TV. Many other TVs from Element and TCL use Roku or the Fire TV platforms. No other manufacturer is using Android TV, which means Westinghouse is going off the beaten path. While the panels won’t support 4K HDR, they do offer a high refresh rate of a 120hz. Still, in a world of relatively cheap TVs, not having HDR support could be a killer for some, especially when you can spend slightly more and get HDR for only $349.

Westinghouse Budget Android TV

Westinghouse 4K, budget-friendly TVs come with Android TV

If you’ve wanted a cheap TV that you can watch Netflix and Chromecast to, these Westinghouse TVs are made for you. Android TV has apps from Netflix, Google Play Movies, to Amazon Prime. Plus there is some games and Google’s built-in home hub.

I’ve personally wanted Android TV because I’m so hooked on the Google ecosystem. If you’re not hooked like me, there are still a few pluses over Fire TVs or Roku panels. The ability to Chromecast is a big appeal over the Roku or Fire TV, which don’t have an easy way to mirror your screen on the TV. Not only that, Google’s access to your photos and other videos make it easy to throw them up on a TV.

The TVs go on sale in Q2 of 2018, which means the Tv will be in store before the holiday season. Let me know what you think about the Westinghouse Android TV! Are you going to pick up the TV once they’re available?