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Onelink unveiled a fire and carbon monoxide alarm with Alexa built-in

We have fire alarms scattered throughout our homes. They’re there to alert us to a fire or a carbon monoxide leak, but what if they could double as a speaker? That’s precisely what Onelink announced during CES, and previewed during CES Unveiled. The Onelink Safe & Sound Smart Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm and Speaker with Amazon Alexa has a high-quality omnidirectional speaker.

First and foremost, the alarm is there to keep you safe. It can send alerts to your phone telling you the location and type of emergency. Think Nest Protect fire and carbon monoxide detector, which does the same thing. The alarm will also speak aloud telling everyone in the house the type of emergency and location. The companion app will also help you test the alarm, check the battery, and silence false alarms.

Onelink Safe and Sound fire and carbon monoxide alarm

Onelink uses a fire and carbon monoxide alarm as a smart speaker

Beyond the safety features, Onelink added an intelligent speaker. Making the tired and old fire alarm into something you’ll interact with on a daily basis. You’re able to ask Alexa to control smart devices such as lights, garage doors, and even TV’s. Plus the powerful speaker can fill a whole room with music, podcasts, or other audio. It’s making the alarm twice as useful, especially since you already have to have them in your home or apartment.

The alarm is hard-wired, with no option for a battery only version. There is a backup battery to keep the alarm on even when the power goes out. There isn’t any word on pricing or where you can buy it. The Nest Protect is $119, which means the Onelink Safe and Sound will likely trend more expensive.

I’m excited about the idea of using the fire alarm as a speaker. One it makes having speakers in every room easier. Two it’s more aesthetically pleasing to not have a giant gray cylinder on a nightstand. Let me know what you think about mixing safety with home entertainment in the comments below!