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Amazon Cloud Cam is an Alexa enabled security camera

This morning, Amazon announced the Amazon Cloud Cam. The Cloud Cam is an indoor home security camera with Alexa built-in. The announcement of the camera is apart of Amazon Key, a new service that lets Amazon couriers drop off packages inside your home. You’ll need the Cloud Cam positioned towards the front door and a compatible smart lock. Amazon Key will prevent porch pirates and keep Amazon from having to refund customers or issue a new product.

The Cloud Cam is similar to other indoor security cameras from Nest and Arlo. The camera boasts 1080p video, two-way communication, night-vision,  a 120-degree viewing angle, and activity clips from the last 24 hours via the Amazon Cloud Cam app. You can purchase the Cloud Cam for only $119 for one or $199 for two, or you can bundle the camera with a smart lock for just $249. The competitive advantage Amazon has over Nest and Arlo is the price. The Cloud Cam is significantly less expensive than the Nest and Arlo cameras.

Amazon Cloud Cam and Echo ShowCloud Cam enables new in-home delivery service

The camera has motion detection and computer vision. The motion detection is simple; Amazon will detect motion and record a clip. The second part isn’t entirely ready, as it’ll need to learn over time. The computer vision will identify everyday occurrences including the dog walking around, the fan turning, or other no essential motions. Nest does a similar computer vision to stop excess notifications and just like Nest, to access the feature you’ll need to pay a monthly fee. The fees are less than other services starting off at $6.99 and going up to $19.99;

  • Basic ($6.99 / month, $69 / year) offers access to the last seven days of motion detection clips for up to three cameras
  • Extended ($9.99 / month, $99 / year) offers access to the last 14 days of motion detection clips for up to five cameras
  • Pro ($19.99 / month, $199 / year) offers access to the last 30 days of motion detection clips for up to 10 cameras

Nest Aware is $10 for one camera and $5 for each camera after. So for ten cameras on Nest Aware, you’ll pay close to $50 a month to have the same features as Amazon’s Cloud Cam. Amazon says each plan offers person detection and customers can place zones to watch specific areas such as windows or doors. When combined with Amazon Key, you can have your packages delivered to inside the front door and watch it happen on the camera.

Compared to Nest, the Amazon Cloud Cam offers some extra bells and whistles. I’ve invested heavily in Nest with security cameras, fire alarms, and their thermostat. I’ve also invested heavily in the Google Ecosystem with Google Home, but more and more I’m looking at the Alexa powered devices Amazon keep releasing. If Amazon announced a doorbell or outdoor camera with Alexa built in, I’d be more than willing to start investing in Amazon over Google and Nest.

The real appeal to the Amazon Cloud Cam is the basic price and the in-home delivery service for Prime members. Let me know what you think! Are you going to snag the camera and smart lock bundle to have delivered inside your home?

As much as I like not having packages stolen, I don’t feel comfortable letting strangers open my door, even if I’m not home.