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Affordable Pixel 2 XL cases

The Pixel 2 XL is Google’s newest phone and their answer to the iPhone X and Note 8. While it doesn’t have a true edge-to-edge screen, it’s close to other premium options. At $849 starting out, it’s the most expensive Google phone yet. It’s still less than the $999 iPhone X and $929 for the Note 8. If you’re looking for the best Android experience with an “edge-to-edge” 6-inch PLED screen, stereo speakers, and the best camera on any phone, you’ll want the Pixel.

If you’re spending or already spent $849 or more on the Pixel 2 XL, you’ll need to protect the phone with a case. Whether that case is slim, minimal case, a rugged and sturdy case, or a multifunctional wallet case. You’ll want to protect your purchase.

I’ve collected a list of affordable Pixel 2 XL phone cases. There’s a case for everyone whether you want a slim case or a wallet case. All of the cases are less than $40 with all but one case hovering around the $10 price point.

Caseology Vault SeriesPixel 2 XL Case

Price: $10.99

The Caseology Vault case is a thin shock absorbing case for the Pixel 2. It’s only $11, but it’ll provide world-class protection. The lightweight case will fit in your purse or jean pockets but still, offer military-grade drop protection.

It’s a simple case that only comes in black. But if you’re prone to dropping your phone, this case is for you.

Caseology Parallax SeriesPixel 2 XL Case

Price: $13.99

The Caseology Parallax case offers a slim and stylish design which is just as protective as the Vault case. The Parallax case provides military-grade protection, perfect for your Pixel 2 XL. The textured graphics on the back is there for more grip, and it offers extra shock absorption.

While the case is stylish, don’t let that fool you. The case offers some advanced protection for only $13.99.

Ringke Clear CasePixel 2 XL Case

Price: $7.99

If you bought the white and black Pixel 2 XL with the orange button, you might want to show your phone off. The Ringke clear case will let you just do that while still protecting your phone. There’s a shock absorbing bumper and hard plastic back. With minimal bulk, you will protect your phone with military-grade drop protection.

At $7.99, the case offers a lot of protection without all the ugly case. This is perfect for anyone who doesn’t like having a case on but feels like they need one for the $1000 Pixel.

Dretal Carbon FiberPixel 2 XL Case

Price: $7.98

The Dretal carbon fiber is a flexible and protective rubber case. The brushed textured look offers a stylish look while still feeling smooth. The carbon fiber and rubber offer shock-absorbing all around the phone, plus is easy to take off and put back on. The case comes in multiple colors, allowing it to fit anyone’s style.

One of the cheapest cases on the list but it’s a case I’d love to have just because it’s so flexible. This lets you take the case off and put it back on quickly.

Incipio Carnaby CasePixel 2 XL Case

Price: $34.98

At $35, the case is the most expensive case on the list. The only reason I wanted to add such a costly case is that, this case is one of the most appealing cases I’ve seen. The ultra-soft cotton finish with the jersey t-shirt looks makes for an attractive design. The shock absorbing case prevents hard bumps or drops from damaging the phone or the case.

Hands down, this case is one of the best-looking cases I’ve seen for the Pixel 2 XL.

Coverl Wallet CasePixel 2 XL Case

Price: $8.99

Following the Incipio Carnaby case, the Coverl wallet case is almost as stylish. Being a wallet case, you can not only protect your phone but keep all your wallet needs in the case. The case offers shock absorption plus the case provides 360-degree protection from any bumps or spills.

For only $8.99 you can have a wallet and a phone case. While I’m not a fan of the wallet case, it’s tempting me.

Wrap up

The Pixel 2 XL is the best Android phone you can get. It’ll go unmatched until the Pixel 3 is announced next year. Even the camera is unmatched by any other Android OEM, with the original Pixel still offering one of the best cameras. What I’m saying is if you want an Android phone, you’ll want to get a Pixel device.

If you’re spending $849 for an unlocked phone or one through Verizon, you’ll want to put a case on it. To merely protect your purchase. The cases I’ve collected together are all affordable, most being less than $15. While they’re affordable, none of them are cheap or unreliable. There from some of the most popular and repeatable case makers around.

Let me know what case you get! Are you going to buy a slim case or maybe a wallet is more your style?