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Ring and SmartThings both announce home security systems

Nest announced a home security system during their fall hardware event. It shifted the companies focus to protecting your whole home with fire alarms, security cameras, and a security system. The only downside to Nest Secure is the steep $499 start price. Even with the hefty price tag, it’s one few systems outside of traditional security systems.  Today, both Ring and SmartThings announced home security systems that’ll compete against Nest Secure.

SmartThings announced a partnership with ADT to offer a DIY yet professional home security system. The base bundle is as expensive as Nest Secure, starting at $549. The security base station doubles as  SmartThings hub. The package comes with a security Hub, two-door and window detectors, and a motion sensor.

Ring’s announcement is slightly different as the start price is only $199. The kit includes a base station, a separate keypad, a single door/window sensor, a movement sensor, and a Z-Wave extender. Ring Protect promises easy installation along with 24/7 monitoring. The system builds on top of some camera-enabled floodlights, doorbells, and other security cameras.

DIY home security is the next step with IoT devices

Smart homes weren’t always smart. Instead, they were just connected. Most systems, including SmartThings, would only tell you when the door was opened or closed. There was no easy way to set the alarm when you were away or prevent someone from entering your house. When Nest announced the Nest Secure, it seemed like a simple idea. There wasn’t a successful system that did everything ADT or traditional home security systems would do. There was Abode which worked with Nest, but it was relatively unknown.

Traditional security companies have started allowing third-party smart home devices to work with their systems, but ADT is the first to merge the DIY system with their professional offerings. With the home security systems becoming popular, it gives everyone a reason to buy these smart home products. The systems now have a purpose. They offer safety and security, instead of being an enthusiasts toy. If you buy Nest’s system, you can have total home protection from break in’s, fire, and if Nest offers 24/7 monitoring, they could become the next ADT. Ring is going more towards home security with their camera floodlights and home security system, but if they introduced a fire alarm, they would have you covered 100%. Ring could even partner with another fire alarm manufacture like First Alert.

Now all your smart home devices could help protect your home from break-ins. Let me know if you’re going to buy Ring Protect, Nest Secure, or the ADT SmartThings bundle.