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Autonomous Smart Desk 3 features a built-in screen

I wrote a review of the Smart Desk from Autonomous a while back. At the time it was the cheapest sit-to-stand desk with a motor. There were Ikea alternatives that were much less expensive, but all of them required you to crank them to different heights. Now almost a year later, Autonomous announced the Smart Desk 3. The new desk features the same high build quality as previous models but also includes a new AI built right into the table top.

The embedded touch screen will control the heights of the desk and tell you when you should sit and when you should stand. The screen is on the left side of the desk, tilted sideways so it’ll face you. The touchscreen isn’t running Android. Instead, it’s running Autonomous OS 1.0. The screen connects to your phone over Bluetooth to control apps like Uber, Lifx, Spotify, and some other apps. Autonomous OS 1.0 works with both Android and iOS, and developers will soon have access to develop apps for the OS.

Autonomous Smart Desk 3 is an AI not a desk

This isn’t the first AI desk Autonomous built. The company launched a Kickstarter back in 2015 with a voice-activated assistant and companion app. Since then, they’ve launched other desks, chairs, and accessories for their desks. The new Smart Desk 3 is shipping now for $599 in black, white, and grey. Autonomous does say they’ll soon ship in the traditional bamboo and walnut finishes.

It’s not clear where the AI plays a part here beyond telling you when to sit or stand and ordering you a Uber when you leave the office. Autonomous is selling the desk AI as a smart, core part of making the office smarter.

I’m interested in seeing how well the touchscreen works, and whether it’ll get in the way more than it’ll be helpful. Let me know what you think! Are you going to buy the Smart Desk 3 or opt for one of their older models of the Smart Desks?