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Nest announced a doorbell and a expensive home security system

Nest held a big event in San Fransico where they announced a doorbell, home security system, and an upgraded 4K outdoor cam. The Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is a small announcement among the new products, so if you want to read more check out The Verge. Nest also announced a partnership with Yale Locks during the event. Yale will build a custom Nest-powered lock that’ll come in early 2018, but there’s not a lot of info on the device yet. What I’m most excited for is the Nest Secure which is the new home security system and the Nest Hello which is the new video doorbell. These new products are the first truly new products to the company since the 2014 purchase of Dropcam. While Nest Hello is building on top of the camera technology acquired, it’s a new form factor that’ll compete against Ring’s Doorbells. Nest Secure is the first truly new product category for the smart home company. The Secure is a security system with door and window sensors, a hub that’ll blast a siren if something should happen, and NFC key fobs to disarm the system when you arrive home.

Nest Hello is a remote-sized doorbell with an HD camera, microphone, a speaker. The doorbell has one of the widest fields of view, coming in at 160-degrees. With the wide field of view, you can see packages directly on the ground and someone’s face when they’re standing too close to the doorbell. The doorbell is competing against others like Ring, Skybell, and August’s Doorbell cam. Nest didn’t announce a price for the doorbell, but we know the device is coming in early 2018.

Nest Secure is the companies new security system, and the product you can pre-order today. The system works a lot like any other home security system, but it’s all within the Nest app. The Secure hub has a siren, motion detector, and a keypad to disable the alarm. There are include window and door sensors to alert the system when a door or window is opened. The sensor also includes a small light to help you find it late at night. Included with the system are two NFC key tags to disarm the system when coming home. All total, the Nest Secure cost a whopping $499. That price gets you the Secure hub, two Detect sensors, and two key tags.

Nest didn’t innovate, but they did catch up

The company didn’t announce any innovative devices or disrupt the market as it did with their first thermostat. Instead, they caught up. Nest hadn’t released a new product since the early days of the company. Now, Nest is offering an overpriced smart home. The company did take window and door sensors and made them more useful than what SmartThings or Wink does. Secure makes the company feel more like ADT than SmartThings. I’m a little puzzled why the system is $499 when they’ll still be able to collect a monthly service charge, and many customers will buy more Detect sensors for their homes.

What I do like about all this news is Nest is building a security company that feels more modern and transparent. I’m already invested in the ecosystem with the cameras, thermostats, and fire alarms, and now I’ll fork out the extra money for the security system and doorbell. I see the new Nest more of a competitor to ADT or Vivant.

Let me know what you think in the comments below! Are you going to buy the doorbell in 2018 or snag the secruity system now? I’m going to get the security system and wait for the doorbell so I can have one app for my whole home.