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Leaked video shows a working iPhone 8

Apple’s annual iPhone event is coming up on September 12, 2017, at the new Steve Jobs Theater. With the iPhone 8 event coming up we’ve seen rumors and leaks left and right, but we still have a lot of questions on if Apple will ditch TouchID, will the new iPhone cost $1,000, and even what Apple will name the next iPhone.

What we do know is basic – the iPhone 8 will have an edge-to-edge display with a cutout on the top for cameras and other sensors. The new iOS design will have more gestures, and we’ll see a virtual home button. It’s going to change how we interact and use iOS, but it’ll feel more like a combination of MacOS and iOS on the iPad. While Apple’s HomePod firmware all but confirmed the screen and no TouchID, but one Redditor posted a leaked video further proving the UI of iOS on the iPhone 8.

Apple’s embracing the cutout on the iPhone 8

In an earlier post, I wrote about the possible iOS 11 designs with the leaks from the HomePod firmware. There were possible models with Apple embracing the cutout, hiding it, or hiding it in some cases. I wagered Apple would embrace the notch, similar to Essential embracing the cutout on the PH-1.

In the leaked video above, you’ll see a blurry but clear iOS 11 on an iPhone 8. You’ll see the notch when the user opens a Chinese app. When the screen is on the home screen, you’ll see a “floating” apps bar that looks a lot like the dock on MacOS. The top notch doesn’t look obtrusive, in fact, the look of the black and the white nav bar.

While the video leaves a lot to be desired, it is further proving what Apple is going to launch on September 12th. Let me know what you think about is going to do! Do you think Apple is going to embrace the cut out and ditch TouchID or they’ll still have a traditional iPhone in the play?