Get the TicWatch S or E before the Kickstarter Ends

Only three days left! The TicWach S & E Kickstarter has successfully been funded. The campaign has raised $2.8 million from 17,000 backers. If you’re not sure what the TicWatch S & E Kickstarter is, let’s rewind a little to help you out. The TicWactch 2 is a smartwatch based on its own software that works on iOS or Android. The community around the TicWatch kept asking for an Android Wear based watch with GPS and a relatively inexpensive price.

The fans and community asked and received with the latest Kickstarter. The TicWatch E is the “Express” version that has GPS built into the watches body, and the TicWatch S is the “Sport” version with the GPS built into the non-removable watch band. Beyond the GPS being in different spots, the specs are identical. If you want to save money on the Android Wear watch, you’ll want to back before the campaign ends. You can snag the TicWatch S for only $139 and the TicWatch E for $119.

I’ve backed the TicWatch S & E Kickstarter

I wrote about the watch about a month ago, saying how the company reminds me a lot of Pebble in the early days. I’ve personally supported the campaign with my own money.  I’m beyond excited to upgrade from my Pebble watch to an Android Wear watch. I backed the early bird offer, which means I’ll save 25% off the $199 retail price of the TicWatch E. That’s a great deal since I’ve put off buying an Android Wear watch for months because most of them are over priced. While the watch won’t ship until November, it’s still a quick enough turnaround. I’m not worried I’ll have to wait a year or two before I get the actual watch in my hands. The company has shipped other watches, so they have a history of delivering on their products, unlike some other Kickstarters. Now, this doesn’t mean they’ll send it out on time or not go under, but I have faith in TicWatch at the moment.

Let me know what you think! Are you going to back the Kickstarter or wait for the Watch to ship this holiday season?



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