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Google is using its knowledge graph to create a more personal Google Feed

Google’s search for years on how they could leverage their massive amounts of data for personalization. Beyond ads, they haven’t found a meaningful way to use all their data, until now. Google Feed which launched in December, is now getting a more personalized based on trends happening near you and around the world. What Google is saying is the more you use Google, the better experience you’ll get. Google wants you to open up their app as much as you would Twitter or Facebook.

The biggest changes you’ll notice is how well Google can detect your interest. Google will see I’m a photography enthusiast, but I’m also interested in food and cooking. The Google Feed will represent those interest through news articles, videos, and other media on my Feed. Another significant component¬†is being able to follow topics, such as your favorite TV show or sports team.

Google Feed Stranger Things

Google tried social media, and now they’re trying to be Twitter without all the social parts

What Google is building is a Twitter without all the social parts. You could think of Pocket or Apple News, but you’re getting articles, videos, and other media from across the web. There is no need to save your favorite articles; Google will serve up the trending topics with a range of outlets. They’re going to break the filter bubble by sourcing what everyone is doing on the web and not just what your friends are doing.

For now, Google will only roll out the new Feed to iOS and Android, but they plan on bringing it to desktop and mobile Google. The Feed on Google proper would be the biggest change to Google’s simple look. They haven’t changed their homepage since the start, beyond adding a link or two. Now adding a “News” Feed would fundamentally¬†change how everyone perceives Google. This change is a change that’s apart of Google’s move towards Google Assistant and shaping Google for life after text search.

Let me know what you think! Do you want a Feed from Google or would rather Google stick to what they know best; search?