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Because of Snapchat, YouTube will display vertical video correctly

YouTube is finally embracing vertical video. YouTube comments are often filled with commentators shaming anyone who shoots vertical video. The common thought around vertical video is it’s reserved for when something is happening suddenly or when someone’s parents are shooting a video. Snapchat has changed that. It’s more common to see a vertical video from Snapchat or even ads made for a vertical platform, ie Snapchat.

During Vidcon YouTube announced the updates for vertical, horizontal, or other non-traditional aspect ratios. The videos will “dynamically adapt to whatever size you choose to watch it in,” so you’ll be able to let it fill the screen, half of the screen, or just the small video player that would happen with a 16:9 video. We’ll see the dynamic videos on mobile and desktop, so we’ll always get the best possible video. No more black bars on the left and right. The video will fill up the whole phone or tablet screen.

YouTube embracing vertical video is a huge move

YouTube is the mainstream internet. They kept the vertical video in a space that was still unfavorable, even with Snapchat making it popular among the younger crowd. At the same time, YouTubers please, please don’t make vertical video the norm. I understand when something sudden or tragic happens a phone is pulled out to start filming immediately. I don’t want YouTubers thinking it’s okay or acceptable to have a whole vlog in a vertical aspect ratio.

Snapchat has changed how we view video literally and figuratively. They’ve made it acceptable enough that larger video platforms feel the need to properly display videos. It’s a feat but also shows everyone how powerful Snapchat is even if it’s not a successful business on paper.

Let me know what you think! Are you going to start recording and uploading video in a vertical aspect ratio, or will you stick to a 16:9 traditional video?