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Belkin Wemo bridge adds Apple HomeKit support

Apple’s HomeKit home hub has dozens of HomeKit enabled devices, but there is still a lot of devices that don’t support the platform. HomeKit requires specific hardware which left existing Belkin Wemo customers out in the cold. Instead of updating each Wemo device to add in the specific hardware Belkin opted for adding the hardware into a bridge that’ll connect the Belkin Wemo devices to Apple’s HomeKit. Updating the bridge is the same route Phillips Hue went with their hub to add HomeKit support in.

The Belkin Wemo Bridge communicates to HomeKit which enables you to control Wemo switches, plugs, and other devices with Siri or the HomeKit app. Belkin is using the hub as a translator to let anyone pick what platform they want whether it’s Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, or Apple’s HomeKit. While Assistant or Alexa doesn’t require a different hub, HomeKit support will only cost an extra amount. All total, Wemo connects to every platform imaginable; Assistant, Alexa, HomeKit, Nest, and iFTTT.

After years of waiting Belkin Wemo will work with HomeKit

Belkin announced they’d support HomeKit in 2015 but put that on the backburner citing difficulties in complying with Apple’s demanding requirements. Belkin was trying to put each piece of hardware into every Belkin instead of putting all the equipment required by HomeKit into one bridge. That information was posted in a Facebook post which has now been deleted.

More smart home platforms like Wink, TP-Link, and other IoT devices will likely follow suit in creating home hubs that work with HomeKit. It’s the most economical option overburdening the customers with needing to buy all new HomeKit enabled smart plugs, lights, or other IoT devices.

Ikea is launching a new set of affordable smart devices that’ll work with HomeKit, Assistant, and Alexa. Ikea is likely building a bridge that integrates with HomeKit instead of adding the needed chip and software into every smart device.

Let me know what you think! Are you going to get the bridge to have Wemo devices work with HomeKit and Siri?