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Microsoft’s Fluent Design System is a breathtaking new look for Windows

At Microsoft annual Build Developer conference, it unveiled a new design system. The new design language, called Fluent, builds on top of Microsoft’s Metro design system introduced with Windows 8. An essential part and the most interest tidbit of Fluent is how thoughtful Microsoft was. The design system will span all of Microsoft properties – Windows 10, Xbox, Hololens, and Microsoft apps and services. It’s made to work across every platform without needing tweaks or changes to meet the needs of the platforms.

Microsoft’s the only company thinking about designing for both VR/AR and our traditional screens. I would go on a limb to say Microsoft has surpassed Apple in design trends. The thoughtful consideration on how apps will work in mixed reality is unlike anyone else. Not even Oculus or Google is thinking about how their apps will look in a mixed reality environment.

Fluent design system will work in mixed reality and on our traditional screens

Microsoft’s previous design systems haven’t always stuck around. They’ve implemented them on some of their apps and services but fell short of pushing them to all of their products. Google’s the best example of changing a design language, then implementing it across all their product. Material design has made its way to Android, Gmail, and everything in between. Metro, on the other hand, was implemented on Windows but elsewhere Microsoft took another direction.

The Fluent design system will be available in “Fall 2017,” which isn’t far off! A lot of the ground work for Fluent will come in the Creators update. Other parts of it will come through app updates. If developers start using the design system, Microsoft will have one cohesive OS. While it’s a lot for developers to change the look of their apps, it’ll allow them to focus on functionality and not design.

Between the new Surface laptop, this sleek new design system, Microsoft has a promising year ahead! We’d love to hear what you think about Microsoft’s Fluent design system! Do you like it, think they’ll change it in a year, or they’ll forget about it altogether? Tell us in the comments below!