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Amazon introduces the Echo Show, an Echo with a screen

Amazon announced another Echo, this time with a screen. The Echo Show features a 7-inch screen where you can see a quick look at your day or even make video calls from the device. The Echo Show is a part of the Echo family which includes the Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Look. There’s a total of nine microphones on the device, eight of them are listening for the wake word while one of them is used for making voice or video calls.

Amazon’s aggressive release cycle of Echo’s recently comes as Google’s Home and other smart speakers are rumored to be revealed. Amazon is staying ahead of the curve before Apple, Microsoft and others enter the smart assistant speaker market. Now when you Ask Alexa a question, you can see expanded answers on the screen. It’s helpful when your cooking or asking advance questions that might not make total sense when spoken. The screen can display lyrics to the music your listen to, video feeds from home security cameras, and even display YouTube videos.

Echo Show is an Echo with a screen

The Echo functions are the same across the Show and other Echo’s. There are two dual stereo speakers under the screen for better audio quality. You’ll be able to ask for daily briefings, control smart home devices, and see calendar updates from your Google Calendar. The biggest draw for the Echo Show is the ability to video conference or use the device as a home intercom.

Preorders for the Echo Show begin today, priced at $229.99. The first Echo got a price cut to $149. The Echo Look is $199, and the Echo Dot is $49.99. Amazon has an Echo for every price point and need.

Tell us what you think about Amazon pushing for an Echo for every style and need! Are you going to buy the Echo Show or just opt for an original Echo? Tell us in the comments below!

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