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Google’s mysterious Fuchsia OS now has a UI

Last year Google unveiled the company was working on a new OS based off their Magenta kernel. The new OS would be unlike Android or ChromeOS, being built off their new Kernel and not Linux. Back when Google announced Fuchsia it was simply a command line. Over the year Google’s worked on UI to accompany the command line. Kyle Bradshaw from Hotfix discovered the UI for Fuchsia called Amarillo. Bradshaw put together a video showing what the limited UI can do on an Android phone.

In the video below, you can see how Fuchsia looks and see what the limited functionality can do so far. The OS looks like it’s focused on smartphones and tablets, which could become a mix between ChromeOS and Android. Many believe Google will combine their popular platforms into one, much like what they’re doing with adding Android apps into ChromeOS.

Fuchsia OS Armadillo developer preview

It’s too early to tell if Google is experimenting with the UI, UX or if this is what Google is going to stick with through development. Google I/O is around the corner. Google may take a little time to outline what they’re building or showcase what Fuchsia will become.

Ars Technica in a more in-depth look at Armadillo. If Google wants to replace Android with Fuchsia, they have a long way ahead of them. Google will also need to work closely with partners like LG and Samsung to get the OS optimized on their devices. Fuchsia could become the Google OS that runs on official Google hardware.

Tell us your thoughts on the UI, UX Google has developed so far. The design keeps a lot of the card styles and Google Now UI we’ve come to love. Tell us in the comments below!

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