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Target is honoring Mario Kart 8 by turning shopping carts into Mario Karts

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe comes out on April 28th, and Target announced today that more than 650 stores across the country would honor the release. The stores will get a Mario Kart makeover with shopping carts transformed into Mario Karts, and the front door is becoming the starting line. The “Super Target Karts” will feature Mario, Luigi, and Peach, and shoppers will be greeted by flashing lights and the Super Mario Bros. theme song when they enter the store.

I’m preparing for the headlines saying how customers were run over with shopping carts during a Mario Kart race. If your not keen at shopping inside Target during this promotion, the company will also add decorations outside. The big,  red bollards that are found outside all Targets will transform into Mario, and Luigi heads.

Target is all in with Nintendo products

The last promotion Target ran the Pokemon Go themed one where they converted the red bollards into giant Poke Balls. The decorations received praise from just about everyone and brought an influx of social media post about Target. The Mario Kart promotion will only last a couple of weeks, so racing around Target won’t last long.

Turning shopping carts and the whole store into a race track is daring shoppers to misbehave. I already have a tendency to hang on the back of the cart and race around the building, so having “Mario Karts” will inevitably encourage me. I may be a fringe case, but I sure not everyone can resist the urge.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about Mario Kart themed shopping carts. Are you going to stop by your local store to see if you can race around the store? I surely will!