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Google Home will recognizes multiple users by voice

Google Home launched to compete against Amazon’s Alexa, but like Alexa, there’s the problem of multi-family homes. While most households only have one Amazon account, but each person in the home will have a Google account. Until now, Google Home only let one user setup the account with their Google account. This meant multi-family homes would have to deal with information personalized to one family member including commute information, calendar events, and music playlist. Now the smart speaker can differentiate six people through voice, and serve up personalized results.

The voice recognizes works a lot like how Google Assistant voice where you’ll say “Okay Google” or “Hey Google” two or three times to train the voice model. Once Google is trained by your voice, you’ll get to quickly switch between your Google accounts just by asking Google questions. There isn’t any manual switching or buttons to push. Google will understand who’s speaking and what calendar they’re asking about. This will help prevent future ads tricking Google Home into taking part in an advertisement.

Google Home supports multiple users through voice recognition

Once the Google Home is trained to recognize your voice, all recognition will be done locally, which will hopefully help to keep response times fast. By analyzing each phrase by a neural network, Google can pick out the defining characteristics of each user’s voice. Google claims it’ll take milliseconds for Google Home to recognize who’s talking. Each user who sign-in will be able to set up and personalize commute information, playlist, and a handful of other features.

Google is rolling the update out to the Google Home today, but we sadly still won’t see switching between personal and business accounts. Many Google users have a Google Apps account and a personal Google account.

Tell us in the comments below if you’re going to use the multiple user accounts on the Google Home!