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31: Interview with Aaron Watson

Aaron is a successful podcaster, influencer, and ultimate frisbee player. I met Aaron briefly during SXSW where I did a short interview with him asking his thoughts on the McDonald’s VR experience. Since then I’ve kept tabs on his podcast, writing, and his social media updates. After almost two years of me following him, Aaron reached out when we posted that we were looking for interviewees for the podcast.

We have a lot of information to cover with Aaron today. I want to talk about how he got started, what drives him, and where he’d like to move his side hustle.

Social Media information:

Topics Overview:

  • Day job but talk about the side hustles more than anything.
  • Explain ultimate frisbee. A brief overview of the sport, how you got started in it, and what’s the outlook for the growing sport. The only thing I know about the sport is Marques (MKHB) plays.
  • New Book. I know the books about Ultimate Frisbee. What’s the process and how did you get started with the podcast.
  • Thoughts on Snapchat, Spectacles


  1. What are some challenges that you’ve faced in starting up a podcast? What is some advice you’d recommend to beginners looking to share their voice?
  2. In interviewing people from so many different industries (e.g. writing, tech, finance, sports), how do you manage to keep the audience interested? Perhaps there was a challenge from the first question can relate to this question, such as if there was a challenge in getting a regular set of listeners for each episode.
  3. What are some other podcasts that you like to listen to?
  4. Do you follow or have an interest in technology? If so, how do you relate it to what you do (e.g. tech used on the podcast, fitness tech used in training for ultimate)?
  5. How do you feel about Twitter changing everything? How do you feel about Facebook making you pay to reach your whole audience?