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Nintendo will make a killing off Nintendo Switch accessories

Nintendo is going to gauge every Nintendo Switch owner over accessories including the separate¬†dock, new neon yellow Joy-Con, and other protective gear. The Switch is already an expensive console, considering you spend $299 on the hybrid console, $59.99 for Zelda, and another $50 or so for a carrying case and protective screen protector. Everything adds up to more than what you’d spend on a PS4 or Xbox One. The increased cost is one thing, but sales are through the roof. The Nintendo Pro Controller is $69.99 but overall feels cheap with all the plastic.

According to an interview with GameRant, Nintendo Switch accessory¬†sales are off to a “phenomenal” start, with the possibility of outpacing the Wii. Nintendo has hit a gold mine here, and one of the core parts is colorful Joy-Con controllers. Xbox offers various designs for the Xbox controller, but the demand isn’t as high as it’s been with the Switch. For better or worse, Switch fans want to add a splash of color to their devices. It makes sense; you’re taking the Switch out so having a neon yellow controller will express yourself. It’s different than having a neon yellow Xbox controller that you’ll only see in your living room.

Neon yellow Joy-Con will be in high demand when it launches in June

While we don’t have sales numbers, nor will we have sales number for awhile. What I do know is it’s almost impossible to find a Nintendo Switch in stock, and if you have a Switch finding the proper accessories is also a hassle. Target and GameStop employees have said the demand for everything Nintendo is remarkably strong. Nintendo’s Amiibo figures are sold out almost everywhere, and fans have started hacking together the system to fake the Amiibo characters.

If sales outpace the Wii, Nintendo will have a loyal fan base that’ll want to buy Amiibo characters, different color Joy-Cons, and protect their Switch. There are more accessories and add-ons for the Switch than there were for the Wii. What I’m getting at is you should invest in Nintendo as they have a long term money generator from the Switch.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the new Joy-Con controllers and whether you’d buy a couple of different color Joy-Cons for your Nintendo Switch.