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Burger King ad asks Google Assistant to search for whopper burger

Burger King is a topic every technology blog and outlet is talking about. It’s not for a new phone or innovative straw, but an ad that they made. The original, yet creepy ad ask Google Assistant to search for “what is a whopper burger,” and then ends the ad. The 15-second ad extends the ad beyond the screen by having Google serve you information on the whopper burger. Google’s disabled the ad already, but it was a fun idea while it lasted.

Users on the internet weren’t happy with Burger King using Google Assistant to read them information about a burger they weren’t interested in. At fist, I thought the ad was a fun way to advertise, but it was intrusive. Some Google Home users were annoyed with how ad forced them to search for something, but many questioned if other companies would try this.

Burger King tricks Google Assistant into searching for Whopper Burger

Some TV shows, YouTube videos, and podcasts set off Alexa or Google Assistant when they’re talking about the smart assistants.  No one, until now, has tried to hijack a voice assistant actively. Of course, future ads that try a stunt like this will be label as hostile and will likely create a notable amount of user backlash. Burger King is the first company to take advantage of this, with a moderately positive conversation.

Alexa and Google both control smart devices at home from lights down to smart locks. The ad should highlight how easy it is to hijack the voice assistant for advertising but also something much sinister. Tell us in the comments below what you thought about the Burger King ad!