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YouTube channels must break 10k lifetime views before monetizing videos

YouTube is facing a backlash from advertisers. The fear is YouTube is serving ads against racist, copyrighted material, and other content many brands wouldn’t want to affiliate with. Hundreds of advertisers have pulled ads from YouTube and creators are starting to get worried. Now, the popular video network is fighting back. They’ve been demonizing videos that aren’t “advertiser friendly” for years now, but the new way to combat this is to prevent new channels from making money. If you’re new to YouTube, you’ll need ten thousand lifetime views on your channel before you can enter the YouTube Partner Program and start monetizing videos.

The small change has begun a wave of outcries from smaller creators. A lot of misinformation has happened. Google isn’t communicating the change properly, causing small creators to worry. “This new threshold” is to prevent channels from popping up and uploading TV, NFL games, or other offensive content and profiting off of it.

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YouTube only requires 10,000-lifetime views before monetizing videos

A lot of creators small and large are talking about how 10,000 views will only equal $20 if the ad CPMs are $2.00. What everyone isn’t considering is, how ad CPMs aren’t always consistent. Everyone believes YouTubers are millionaires if they reach 1 million or 2 million subscribers. The truth is they struggle or work full-time jobs. Many creators turn to affiliate links through Amazon or other services to generate enough money to make a living. What I’m arguing is 10,000 views starting out might make you $3 or if your lucky will make you $15.

The small change won’t affect many of the creators who were worried about their videos or channels losing money. It’ll help the social network battle bad actors and keep ads running against creators who truly deserve them.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about YouTube making this small change. Also, what do you think about all the small creators voicing their concerns around the change!

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