Twitter is testing auto night mode on mobile

Twitter’s night mode is meant to help prevent users from being blinded when they’re using the app either at night or in a dark space. Other apps like Google Maps automatically adjust to a “night mode” when the sun is setting. Google’s had the feature for years now, but Twitter only recently rolled out their version. The only downside to Twitter’s version is you have to turn it on, which means you’ll have a blinding white background until you can find the setting to switch it on.

Now, according to Android Police, Twitter is testing out automatically turn it on and off. Some users, including our Sunny Singh, keep night mode on 24/7. I turn night mode on occasionally but often forget it’s a feature. Now Twitter users on Android will get a chance to choose to have it turn on when the sun sets and turn off automatically when the sun rises. I’ll enable the feature, but you’ll still have the option to keep it off or on all the time.

Twitter on Android is testing automatic night mode

The fact that everyone’s talking about Twitter having this night mode is highlighting the problems with Twitter. They recently removed the @replies to ensure they didn’t count to the Tweet character limit, and they rolled out features to stop harassment, but the most radical change was them removing eggs as the default Twitter avatar. A simple color change should garner as much as attention as other larger updates, but it is (shrug).

The feature is limited to Twitter for Android, which often gets features first. Twitter’s one of the few companies pushing features to Android users before they appear on iOS. It’s bucking the trend of companies releasing iOS versions, Facebook and Snapchat both have also started focusing on Android over iOS.

Tell us in the comments below if you’ll have night mode turn on automatically or if you’ll keep it on or off all day. I’m keeping it on the automatic mode!


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