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Colorware will customize a Nintendo Switch for $499

The Nintendo Switch is still a hard to find gadget. If you use our guide; you should have a Switch with a little effort. What you’ll find in stores is the gray Nintendo Switch, but if you like a little color, don’t fret. Colorware has started selling customized Switch’s for $499, which is a $200 premium. The $200 premium will get you a highly customized with 58 different color options and thousands of color combinations for the Switch. You can paint the Switch logo and regulatory info, the tablet, both Joy-Cons, the dock, and even the kickstand.

Colorware colors iPhones, headphones, and even MacBooks. They’ve been doing it for years now. The painting is different than skin, which can come off. The paint is permanent and will never come off. You’ll need to pick carefully when choosing your colors.

Colorware Nintendo Switch 58 ColorsColorware will customize your Nintendo Switch

The painted Nintendo Switch’s will ship in 6 to 8 weeks, which is a long time to wait. Recently skin companies told customers not to skin their Switch because the adhesive would destroy the outer coating of the Switch. This news meant skins wouldn’t be an option to customize your new gadget. Beyond the red and blue Joy-Con, there isn’t a lot of ways to customize your new gaming console. Painting, while permanent, is an excellent way to express yourself and have a one of a kind Switch.

If $200 is too much or the wait time won’t work for you, Colorware is also coloring Joy-Con controllers. The controllers are $149, almost ¬†$75 premium, but they ship in 3 weeks. If you have a Switch already, you can customize a set of Joy-Con controllers,¬†which will add a splash of color.

Tell us in the comments below if you’re going to order a Nintendo Switch from Colorware or order a pair of Joy-Con controllers from them!