Nintendo Switch: must have accessories

The Nintendo Switch is slowly starting to come back in stock at physical locations and online retailers. We’ve also provided a guide to help you track down where to buy a Switch before anyone else. I managed to get my Switch three weeks after launch, but it took a lot of effort and calling. Since buying my Nintendo Switch, I’ve been pouring all my time into playing Zelda. I’m eyeing other Switch games that’ll launch in the next few weeks.

If you have a Switch, you’re one of the lucky ones. Of course, buying a new piece of technology isn’t the end of the purchase. You’ll need accessories, extra controllers, and other gear to make the most of your console purchase.  Nintendo’s latest console is more of a mobile console, which means you’ll need to protect the device on the go.

Car Charger

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Price: $15.99

Since you can take the Nintendo Switch anywhere, you’re going to need some charging cables to go. The Nekteck car charger will keep your Switch charged during long road trips. It’s a certified USB-C so don’t worry about the cable frying your brand new toy. The description on Amazon says it can charge everything from a MacBook to a Google Pixel. There’s also an extra USB Type A for charging another device at the same time.

If you’re often playing your Switch in the car, you’ll want this little mobile charger!

Carrying Case

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Price: $12.99

You can take the Switch anywhere, which means it’s going to get thrown in backpacks, purses, and other bags. Even though the device is expected to take a beating; I hate having scratches, chips, or dents in my devices. The option of putting a skin on the Switch is out of the question since they ruin the outer coating. Having the Soyan carrying case will keep your screen from getting scratched, breaking your Joy-Con controllers, or otherwise being damaged in your backpack or bag.

I bought the case to keep my Switch safe but also to organize my games, chargers, or other accessories I need to take with me. This case is cheaper than the official Nintendo carrying case, and it ships right away!

Screen Protector

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Price: $10.99

One of the hardware problems with the Switch is the dock scratching the screen. Besides putting a cover over the front of the dock, your other option is putting a screen protector on. Using the Screen protector means you’ll also keep the screen safe, even when you’re not trying to dock the device.

I have the screen protector on, and still keep my Switch in a carrying case. It gives me the piece of mind knowing my $300 console won’t get destroyed by being always carried around. Even if you’re only using the switch at home; I’d recommend the protector to prevent the dock from scratching the screen.

Joy-Con Grips

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Price: $14.99

I have some small grips around the Joy-Con controllers, mainly around how you have to press a button to unlock them. I also hate how small the controllers are when they’re separated from the tablet or Joy-Con dock controller. The grip kit makes the controllers easier to handle, plus there are three different colors including blue, red, gray, and a blue and red combo.

The Joy-Con grips are great for those with big hands. They’re only $14.99, and ship right away! I’m grabbing a set for my Switch.

Play Stand

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Price: $12.99

The Nintendo Switch has a kickstand, but it doesn’t offer that great of a viewing angle. The Playstand raises the Switch from the surface you’re playing on to provide a better view. The stand also lets you play Zelda or maybe 1-2 Switch while you’re charging. It’s perfect for when you’re playing a game at your office desk or maybe when you’re at Starbucks drinking coffee.

The stand is back ordered, but it’s one of the cheapest and best-reviewed stands on Amazon. I’ve put my order in, in hopes it’ll ship in a few weeks!

Wrap up

If you have a Switch, these are the must-have accessories! They’re the ones I’m using or have ordered. If you don’t have a Switch, but plan on buying one soon, you can collect all the accessories before you snag the console in store. I know it’s not ideal to buy the accessories first, but you’ll want them before all of them start to go out of stock.

If you only choose one accessory off the list, go with the carrying case! It’ll keep your switch safe and help you organize your games and charging cables when your traveling. Tell us in the comments below if you have another accessory you think everyone should have for their Nintendo Switch!


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