How to track Nintendo Switch inventory and get notified immediately

The Nintendo Switch is almost impossible to find online and in retail stores. You could shell out a $100 to $200 premium on eBay or Amazon to get the console now. If you’d rather hustle a little and buy the Switch or Switch bundles at the standard list price, there are a few ways track the inventory status. Gamestop recently received deliveries of the Nintendo Switch, but many stores only received 3 or 4 consoles. Other locations didn’t receive any stock or will later this week or early next week.

Shopping online is going to be the hardest method. Walking into a physical retail location will be your best bet. If you’re going to tart driving around for the Nintendo Switch, it’s best to use the tools below in conjunction with calling the locations. Everyone will get dozens of calls, so it’s paramount to be friendly and understanding.


I used this website and the live map to get the best idea of what stores around me have the Nintendo Switch in stock. The site isn’t perfect as it uses the retailers online stock tools to report if there is a Switch in stock. Another big problem with the site is they have a hard time communicating if Walmart has a switch in stock or not. It’s not the websites fault, but it’s how Walmart handles their stock status online.

You’re able to signup for texts or email notifications when a new store near your has stock of the Switch. I would focus on stores other than Gamestop and Walmart, so Target or Fry’s. They support a dozen or so stores including online ones like Amazon. They do leave out local retail chains which might have stock, so it’s not the perfect tool.

I managed to buy my Switch from a Target and using the iStockNow tool. So I know the site does have somewhat accurate stock tracking, beyond the Walmart issue.


If you want to try your luck online, you’re first insane! However, NowinStock will alert you to new stock online. They have all the major online stores such as BestBuy, kohl’s, Amazon, Toys R Us, and a handful of others. The site will tell you which site has stock, the price, and the last time stock was noticed on the site. These are online stores so you’ll need to remember millions of people could potentially buy the Switch at the same time as you.

You’re able to signup for email or text notifications to jump online and buy the switch at a moments notice. If you’re buying online, have every possible store setup to buy. in seconds That means signing up for the retailers and having your payment information ready. Every single second count when you’re trying to purchase the Switch. You might have a better chance at buying Switch bundle from kohl’s or Gamestop, which has a higher starting price.

I tried buying online, but everytime a bundle or Switch came available I had problems loading the websites. Too many people were trying to purchase the console at the same time. Best of luck online!

Nintendo Switch stock tracking

There are other sites online to track stock status, but these are the best sites I’ve found. I use them on a constant basis to track inventory of new MacBooks, Airpods, and now the Nintendo Switch. I will re-enforce going to retail locations if your best bet right now. Nintendo is doubling their expectations for sales, but they’re still struggling to keep stock in. Target, Gamestop, Walmart, and other retailers are only getting 4 or 5 consoles at a time. It’s still unclear when Nintendo will catch up with demand, but hopefully, it’s before the holiday season.

Have you had any luck with buying the popular hybrid console? I have one in hand now, and millions of others do too. Tell us in the comments below if you have had any luck with these tools!


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