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Apple’s video sharing app Clips is their Snapchat clone

Last year Bloomberg reported Apple was weighing the idea of building their own Snapchat, Instagram clone.  Snapchat is the “default” app many iPhone users turn to when they take a photo or video. Apple wanted a piece of the pie by copying the successful photo based apps. They did that today with the launch of their new video sharing app, Clips. The video sharing app is a modern take of iMovie with stickers, filters, and ways to add text.

Clips is Apple’s Snapchat clone. The company understands they’ll need to launch an app first to get users used to the idea of having a hardware tied photo app. They’re building the groundwork to tie the app into iMessage later, making the messaging app more like Snapchat than Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger.

Apple Clips app

Apple Clips makes a better video app for iOS

I know a handful of friends who exclusively use Snapchat to take photo and videos. They’ll rarely use the default iOS app because they want to share images and videos with their friends easily, and they’re able to save the videos and photos to their phones quickly. Now Apple hopes users will start using their camera apps, so you’ll want to message in iMessage. They’re making iMessage lock in one of the best ways to keep users on the iPhone, and Clips will become another way to promote iMessage.

Apple believes users want to save their photos and videos forever instead of having them self-destructing after 24-hours. I’m sure everyone will start to see Clips on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networks. iPhone users will use the app more than they have used Live Photos which are not that original; ever hear of a GIF?

Tell us in the comments below what you think about Apple’s new video sharing app Clips? The app was overshadowed by the announced the Red iPhone, new iPad, and the new Apple Watch bands.