The Perspective blog gives two sides to every story

We live in filter bubbles, read one side media outlets, and have to deal with fake news. It’s frustrating to see media sites play into the filter bubbles or report as a liberal or conservative site. We see our world become more polarized whether it’s political report, tech news, or just entertainment news. A new website called The Perspective launched a way to hear both sides of the story through sourcing third-party stories.

What I mean is The Perspective can have a headline that says “The Nintendo Switch is hyped” but also have a headline that says “The Nintendo Switch isn’t worth the hyped.” They’ll provide two sides to the Nintendo Switch story by linking to the positive review from Techcrunch and the less positive review from IGN.

The Perspective offers two sides to every story

While I often read dozens of reviews of a new gadget, everyone might not. They have political coverage, tech and business, lifestyle, and other topics where they source together two sides of the story. There is original content on the site without coming down on one side; they always offer pros and cons. There is also a gamification of the articles with ways to vote on which article is right or wrong. You can comment and share your thoughts, but don’t go too wild now!

The whole idea is a great take during a time that’s becoming even more polarized. I’m a fan of the two-sided stories in technology because Techcrunch will always have a different take than The Verge. It’ll expose more interneters to various sites that offer different opinions. Hopefully, this will get people off reading just one site, just one review, and just one perspective.

Tell us in the comments below – what do you think about The Perspective? Would you be open to reading two sides to one story?


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