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AMD Ryzen 5 launching April 11th, catering to the masses

AMD has always been a big rival to Intel, but in recent years they’ve lost the battle to Intel. The Ryzen 5 is the mass-market answer to Intel’s Skylake and Kaby Lake processors. The Ryzen 5 processors are cheaper, arguably more powerful, and based on the Zen architecture. The Zen design brings a lot of features, but on the Ryzen 5 offers lower clock speeds but a price to match.

AMD is competing with Intel on the number of cores and threads; it’s a numbers game for the two companies. AMD is offering the same cores and threads but with a substantially lower price tag in many cases. Many are heralding the new processors as a way for Intel to lower their prices. The Ryzen equivalent to the Intel Core i7 is practically a third of the price with the same if not better speeds and power consumption.

AMD Ryzen 5


Ryzen 5 processors will launch April 11th

The AMD Ryzen 5 will begin April 11th and will be available worldwide at retailers. With the launch, we’ll also start seeing more laptops and desktops with the AMD processors. We’ve been stuck with Intel processors for a while now, as AMD processors were older and outdated. These new AMD powered laptops will cost much less than the Intel versions, meaning a Dell XPS with an Intel chip would cost more than the AMD XPS version.

The Ryzen 5 line has four models, two of which have six cores with 12 threads while the other two have four cores and four threads. Compared to the Ryzen 7 processors the Ryzen 5 offers lower clock speeds and a much more affordable price point. They’re still an awesome choice for anyone who’s looking for a reliable, powerful processor on a budget.

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