Spectacles are a game changer in the sports market

Spectacles are a newish trend with a lot of potential for fans of Snapchat but also brands who leverage Snapchat. Of course, there is Snapchat discover, but most brands on Snapchat use their public profile to share a daily story around their brand. Mashable, the NBA, Samsung, and other brands all put dozens of hours each day into curating a Snapchat story worth paying someone to Snapchat all day.

Spectacles would be the next step towards strengthening their Snapchat game. The Minnesota Wild hockey team was the first NHL team to leverage the gadget for a one of a kind Snapchat story. It’s a big step for any brand or company to start using a new gadget, especially one which was as hard to get as the Spectacles were.


Spectacles highlights how exciting the games are in person

During SXSW Marc Jensen, managing partner at advertising agency Space150, and Phil Ervin, digital editor of the Minnesota Wild, sat down during a panel to talk about the success of their Spectacles experiment. They talked about how to use Spectacles with their sports team, the restrictions they faced, and how it went over with fans. The video above showed what they filmed with the Spectacles. The team had to think of a creative way to use the first person point of view video because they couldn’t show video of the game. They leaned heavily on showing how the game is when you attend the game.

They’ve seen success in their first few experiments, and have embarrassed sharing the Spectacles video across more platforms than just Snapchat. Highlighting the games live experience will allow anyone at home enjoy the fun of the game and someone there will get different angles of the fun.

What do you think about the Minnesota Wild using Snapchat so heavily in marketing to their fans? Would you like to see Spectacles used in more Snapchat stories? Tell us in the comments below!


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