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Slickwraps also will not offer skins for the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is not wrap friendly. I repeat, the Nintendo Switch is not wrap friendly. First dbrand¬†detailed how the adhesive of their wrap would damage the surface of the Nintendo Switch. Now Slickwraps is coming out against wrapping your Nintendo Switch. It’s not just the adhesive dbrand’s is using, but every adhesive available to third-parties. Nintendo still offer’s an official Zelda themed skin, which will likely damage the outer surface of the Switch.

Slickwraps wrote a detailed blog post and produced a short video detailing the harm of the wraps. It’s clear the finish on the Switch cannot handle the adhesive of these wraps, but it’s also clear after awhile the finish will desegregate from wear and tear.

Slickwraps also recommends not wrapping your Nintendo Switch

Slickwraps and dbrand are the leading skin makers around with skins for phones, laptops, the Google Home, and even Airpods. These brands have cult followings, and their fans will often wrap all their devices with one of these brands. The Nintendo Switch not being wrap friendly is a blow to many fans who wanted to customize their Switch.

As you can see in the video above, the wrap tore off the screen printed Switch logo and regulatory information. In addition to the damage to the primary device, the Joy-Con controllers received considerably more damage. Watching the video is cringe worthy, especially consider some customers will still want to wrap their devices.

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