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The world’s first Nintendo Switch unboxing

The first Nintendo Switch unboxing happened thanks to one NeoGAF user hiphoptherobot.  He gave gaming site FLOKO the world’s first Nintendo Switch unboxing video. While unboxing videos are relatively uninteresting, it’s interesting to see what the Switch looks like weeks before the official launch.

The official Switch unboxing

If unboxings get you jazzed this one likely got your blood pumping, then this video was the holy grail. While most of the media’s seen the device in person, no one’s seen the retail packaging. The Switch still doesn’t have any games or has an online play yet. The Switch is an expensive brick until the official launch when games and online services come online.

Some games could leak early or also get shipped early meaning this user could share his experience. Until then, we’ll have to wait and cherish the video.

Tell us your thoughts on the Switch; did you preorder the console or are you going to wait for the first round of reviews? Tell us in the comments below!