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Caavo is a TV box will simplify your TV experince

TV is different than ten years or even five years ago, and Caavo wants to adjust for the changes. We get our TV from non-traditional sources including Netflix, Hulu, and Sling TV. Some folks also combine this experience with the traditional pay TV which means they have a DVR or a cable box. Not to mention everyone these days has a Roku, Apple TV, or Chrome Cast connected to their TV. All of this gives me a headache but can confuse the average non-technical consumers.

The Caavo is a set-top box to rule them all, so technically it’s more of a hub. You’ll plug the Apple Tv, Roku, or cable box into the Caavo. The software on the device will recognize whatever you plug in and automatically configure the system for you.

Caavo makes TV easy

All the third-party boxes connected allow for the Caavo to search across all the sources you have connected. It seamlessly blends the all the apps and sources. From there you’ll only need one controller from the Caavo to control all the sources. The unified box will let you control half a dozen boxes in total.

The idea is what Samsung has wanted to do with their Smart TVs, but they haven’t been able to unify all the service under one UI and search. They don’t have access to Netflix or Amazon’s store, and what Caavo is offering sounds to good to be true. While they’ll be able to control the cable box, having a universal search doesn’t sound possible. Netflix doesn’t have an open API, and Hulu doesn’t always open up. If they’ve managed to skim the libraries or find a workaround for search will be interesting.

Starting in June, the Caavo will set you back $399. It’s only a pre-order, so they’ll likely go through some crowdfunding from either Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or on their site through Tilt Open. Whether they’ll deliver on the product is a big question, and for $399 I don’t know how many will shell out for the device.

What are your thoughts? Do you want to unify all your devices into one set-top box – tell us in the comments below!


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